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ReLennon – Andrew “John” Kohlenberg (guitar, vocals, keyboard)

The “yeah, yeah, yeah!”, blaring from the transistor radio gets a hold on the 12 year old boy with the wire-rimmed spectacles – and hasn’t let him go yet. At 17, Andrew Kohlenberg was shouting “Twist & Shout” into the microphone himself… a perfect replica of the original. No question about it, John Lennon is here once more… taking the lead in the ReBeatles tribute band.

ReHarrison – Eddy “George” Oil (guitar, vocals, keyboard, bass)

“We’re looking for George Harrison” is a notice pinned to the bulletin board of a local music store. Guitarist and singer Edwyn Oil makes contact and, soon after, the band announces, “We have our George!” Eddy’s voice is George Harrison’s so true that, hearing While My Guitar Gently Weeps, listeners ask themselves, “Is he or isn’t he?” He is! Eddy Oil is the 3rd ReBeatle.

ReCartney – Martin „Mc“ Schurig (bass, vocals, keyboard, guitar)

“A lefty he isn’t,” his parents admitted early on. And he’s not called Paul, but Martin. “He looks almost exactly like him,” is what his band buddies said at a later music session. But with songs like Yesterday and Hey Jude, there’s no question about it: Martin Schurig is the Paul McCartney of the ReBeatles.


ReStarr – Chris “Ringo” Schüssler (drums and vocals)

Chris joined the band in 2009 as the cheerful, 4th ReBeatle, delighting audiences with his Ringo-style humour and authentic performances on his drums. Taking over from the long-year ReBeatle, Toby, he perfectly compliments today’s quartet. He drums like Ringo, he sings like Ringo – Chris Schüssler is the ReBeatles’ Ringo Starr.

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