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“The best Beatles interpretation I’ve ever heard!”

(Ole Seelenmeyer, Chairman of the German Rock and Pop Music Association)

Fanthologie Songs

She Loves You

A Hard Day's Night

We Can Work It Out live

Day Tripper

I Feel Fine

Long Tall Sally live

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Yellow Submarine

Come Together


Drive My Car live

Don't Let Me Down

Hey Jude

Free As A Bird

Roll Over Beethoven


“Beatles Unlimited” Fan Magazine, The Netherlands, 6/1997

A German band claiming that they try to play, act and sound like the Beatles. This CD shows the band´s capability to the full: you´ll not only get just early sixties stuff, there´s a wonderful copy of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Don´t Let Me Down, and also Free As A Bird. The studio versions take turns with live versions, one of wich is a cover version of the Live At The Hollywood Bowl version of Roll Over Beethoven, as the final bonustrack. The ReBeatles indeed play almost carbon copies of the songs, thanks to magnificient vocals (especially those by “George Harrison”) and harmonies. Another feature which adds to this result, is the use of authentic instruments (the Hofner bass, Rickenbacker and Gretsch guitars, the Ludwig drums Vox amplifiers). Every scream, sound effect, hand clapping or whatever you´ll remember from the originals: nothing seems to be forgotten! An album worth looking for from a band worth checking out when they´re on tour! The copy act of the band is also extended to the CD booklet and promotional material, which have Rutles-like album gimmicks: Let it Re!

Get Back


“John Lennon would have loved the ‘GET BACK’ album!” 

(Stern Magazine, June 2010)


“Brilliantly done”

(Brigitte Magazine, June 2010)

Video „Beautiful (Making of)“

Zum Video auf Youtube

The Sony Music video, “Beautiful”, recorded to the up-beat melody of “Help”, is the ReBeatle version of the Christina Aquilera ballad of the same name. Rendered in the music of the great Beatles’ classic, it’s one of the tracks on “Get Back”, the ReBeatle re-take album of today’s hits performed to the tunes of the Fab Four’s greatest songs.

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